Thursday, March 26, 2009

Psychiatric Evaluation

So, yesterday I completed my Psych Evaluation. This was one I was kinda worried about. No I don't think I'm crazy, lol. Most of you know I suffered through depression for quite a while after I had Jaron, so I was concerned that they might think that I wasn't emotionally stable enough to handle the surgery.

He asked alot of questions of course. My two favorites were, at the beginning he told me three words that he wanted me to keep in my head and he would ask me about them later.... Red, Cadillac, and Farm..... No Problem, Gary has a Red car, he loves Cadillacs, and well Farm, I'm not sure how I used word association with it, but it worked. SO thanks... heheheh.. The other question that I loved was that he wanted me to count backwards from 100, by 4's. So I did. I got to about 60 and he was like, OK that's enough. And then stated how I was the first person in a long time that first didn't roll their eyes and say, ugh I hate math, and that I was quick about doing the little challenge.. That made me feel proud of myself (I love Math, and I'm great at number patterns). Anyways, obviously those questions didn't have anything to with the weight loss part, but he needed to ask them I guess. The other questions about weight loss were a little harder to answer. Especially the main one, of... What made me finally make the decision to have the lap band surgery. My answer is a basic one.... I got scared that I wouldn't be able to live long enough to see Jaron grow up. The hard part was saying it out loud. But I did. I tried to be as honest with him as I could. I figured if I'm not honest with him and myself, then I wasn't going to be able to help myself.

Now the good news...... He said I was a great candidate for the surgery and cleared me. YAY!!!!

I now only have one step to go. The Upper GI. I had some financial issues with Kern Radiology, so I am having to wait for payday to do that one. But once that is done, they will be submitting my information to my insurance company for approval.

I cant wait.

Ill be updating once I have more info. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nutritional Evaluation

Had my appointment with the dietitian today.

I had to have a nutritional evaluation, to see if I qualify for the surgery as far as my efforts dieting and nutrition are concerned.

After a very long discussion, she said she would give my information to the doctor and that it looked good. We discussed everything that will change as far as what I will be able to eat once I have the surgery. Then she gave me some things to do in the mean time. I am to start a protein suppliment, that I will be on untill at least 6 months after the surgery. I am starting a multi-vitamin, and here it goes....... I have to have a minimum of at least 2 bottles of water everyday.. just to start off with. Yay... So it is now time for me to begin on this journey. I have to get myself off sodas before I have the surgery (unless I want to let one sit out all day and go completely flat.. but thats out of the question). That will be my biggest obstacle for now. I also need to cut the size of my portions. I know this might sound obvious to some of you, but its not always as easy as it seems.

The rest of this week, I have an abdominal ultrasound, a chest xray, an upper GI and I think thats it. (For now. seems like stuff keeps being added). THen in 2 weeks I have my psychiatric evaluation. (No jokes)... And then I should be on my way..Yay

Love everyone, and thank you for the well wishes about my grandmother.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Met the Surgeon Today

I met the surgeon today. He was very kind and answered all my questions patiently. He went over with me many of the types of foods that I will not be able to eat, and also the foods that I will still be able to eat. He explained the Realize band to me, how it works, some of the good things it does as well as the complications that can happen. He was very detailed. He gave me alot of information to take home and review.

He said once I get the testing done (he ordered more), then he will submit my information to the insurance company and then, once that is approved, we schedule the surgery. He said, depending on how long it takes me to get the tests done, I could be looking at surgery in about 6 weeks. Yay.

For the surgery, I will travel down to Los Angeles on a Monday (more than likely) and then go to a pre-op type class to get some understanding on what to expect. Tuesday he would do the surgery, and they would keep me overnight for observation. Then I would be able to go home Wednesday. THis was an example of course, because it hasnt been scheduled yet. I will be on pain medication for a minimum of 2 days he said. And NO driving during that time. So now I will just have to figure out, who will be able to take me and stay with me, and then drive me home.

I cant wait for it all to happen. I will update further soon!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today didnt work out so well

So I was supposed to have my chest xrayed and have an upper G.I. this morning, but sadly my grandmother passed away this morning, so I rescheduled it to next Tuesday. Guess what??? The funeral is on Tuesday.

Anyways, I'm going in to meet Dr. Cunneen tomorrow, Im very excited. Hope all goes well.. Love ya'll, thank you so much for the well wishes...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now for the next step

Today I met with Dr. Don Michael for my followup on all the tests I have had done. Good news, is the mass in my breast is a cyst. I still have to see Dr. Hoehne to find out what to do with it. He said my cholesterol is a little high, and I have P.A.D. and Sleep Apnea. I see the surgeon on Thursday to talk about when Im going to have my surgery. Dr. Don Michael said that Dr. Cunneen is very particular about making sure all the pre testing is done. So I have a chest x-ray in the morning as well as an upper G.I. and then next week I meet with the nutritionist to have a nutritional evaluation, and then on the 24th, I get to have a psyc evaluation. Once that is done I will be done with all my pre testing.

Dr. Don Michael said that the surgeon will want to schedule me for surgery right away, and that with my insurance it shouldnt be a problem. So I get to wait again to see whats happening. Im getting very excited and nervous. I just want to get it taken care of.