Sunday, December 20, 2009

Todays meal

Yeah, so here is a sample of the size of a meal I am having. This was a splurge.. I had made Jaron some steak and it looked so good. Im really not supposed to be doing red meats yet.. but yumm... I chew chew chewed my way through it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally an adjustment

So I havent been keeping up very well, sorry. It's now December and I just got my first adjustment today. A few things had happened over the last few months to cause me to have to delay and reschedule my appointments....

Today wasnt too bad. I had to go to the regular office to get my vitals checked. And then I headed downstairs to the radiology department. There the nice lady gave me 2 regular size gowns and said.. here you can use these... I couldnt figure out how to make it work, so I stepped outside of my little cubby and luckily a nice gentleman was walking by and went to find me a larger size.

Then I went to the xray room... Their floroscopy table was actually made for larger people and I was able to get on it comfortably. They took a pic of my stomach with the xray... that was neat to see.. It looked just like the pictures from the book.

Then he came in and gave me a local anesthetic.... (those burn)..... Then inserted the needle for the saline to be put in.. that was a nice pinch (so much for anesthetics)..... All this was done with the xray on, so I got to watch it on the monitor.... It was very fascinating.... He put in 5 cc of saline. He said peoples stomach walls are all different thicknesses, so that number doesnt mean too much. Then they brought the table I was laying on up, to a diagonal position and I got to drink some wonderful Berillium (liquid chalk)...... so they could make sure it wasnt too tight and I could still swallow.... It was a bit tight so he took a little out (to total the 5 cc)..... after that, they brought the table back down..... and undid everything they had done.. it wasnt too bad at all.... Except then I kept burping up a yummy chalky taste.. ew..... I had some questions about... whether in the amount of time since my surgery I had stretched out my stomach from eating regularly.. He said I didnt that everything looked good........ so that is how it went today.

Now Im going to really get started... as Dr. Cunneen said this morning.. now the real dieting begins.....

Food portions are going way down. Ive already noticed a difference... I had lunch once we got home and definitely couldn't eat very much of it. So I need to get back on the walking and it will all come together.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and joyful Christmas!!!