Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On my way

Well, its officially been 2 weeks since my surgery.

Things are going well... I only lost another 5 pounds this week, although she said I seem to be retaining water.

Saw the dietitian today. She said everything looks good. I gave her a copy of the meal plan I have been using and she approved it. Yay.

Im feeling good. My appetight is back, but I have been able to keep my portion sizes down, so that is really good. No more than a cup at a meal.

So Im still going on...

Till next time

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 days later

Hello.. I had my first Dr. Appt since surgery today.... It has been 10 days since surgery..

Get ready for this...

I have lost 20lbs since my las appt approx 2 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so nice to see that all the effort and the surgery actually meant something.

I am soo happy.
The pic above is a current one. Several people were telling me that they can see a difference in my face.

Anyways, untill next time... Love ya'all

Saturday, August 15, 2009

OK I hope I remember everything....

OK, so, its a little late, but I'm finally feeling well enough to sit here at the computer and not whimper. And Im sorry but its really long....

Sunday night, Gary, Jaron and I went down and stayed the night at the Hilton Garden Inn Valencia (Thats six flags for you Cali people). I had to arrive at the airport at 5am so we wanted to be as close as possible, but the prices in LA were rediculous. The hotel was awesome, the beds were the most comfortable ever, I totally recommend it to anyone (being that I used to work for that chain of hotels, I would anyways... lol)

Got up at 330am woohoo, after a night of not much sleep, (with Jaron being excited about the hotel, and my nerves) and headed to the hospital. It didnt take us very long since there was hardly any traffic. Got inside, took care of registering. I was very surprised at the price. With my insurance Im only responsible for up to $4000.00. And apparently I have already paid over $2000. I dont remember doing that but hey, I'll take it. Anyways. They sent us upstairs to the surgery waiting area. When it was time to go back to the pre-op area, I said goodbye to Jaron and Gary, with great big hugs. They went to have breakfast and then spent the day at magic mountain. (Jaron was really worried about mommy, so Gary was so sweet and took him to help him relax). From there they took the group of us (there were about 6) to the pre op, and assigned us each our beds. We undressed (behind a curtain of course), and got a lovely robe on. Then I got weighed. I was a little excited because I had already lost 4 pounds since the previous Thursday. So I was already on a head start. OK, so I get in bed, and they start the tests and questions. Blood pressure, Heart rate, etc, any allergies, etc. Got my IV inserted, didnt even feel it. Then layed there and waited. Being that it is a learning hospital, Several Dr.'s came by to say hi and that they were working with Dr. Cunneen. My anesthesiologist (who was surprisingly a woman), came by. And then finally my Dr. showed up. He asked how I was doing and if I was ready, and the we went on our way.

My bed had a motor so the girl drove it over to the operating room. We get to the OR, I get scooted over onto the table, and then the anesthe. lady said she was gonna give me some oxygen to get ready. I was looking up at the overhead lights and they started swaying and looking all cool so I laughed and told her, either we are having an earth quake or there is more than oxygen in there. ..........

Next thing I remember, is that I was having a really good dream and somebody was saying "Karla, its time to wake up". I was kinda annoyed cause I was really enjoying my dream. lol.

But I gave in and decided to wake up. I was very very groggy, and couldnt talk. My mouth was extremely dry, and my chest hurt really bad. She asked me if I was in alot of pain and I shook my head yes so they gave me some medicine. I still couldnt talk tho, and a nice guy came up and rubbed some water on my lips. Yay, it was like heaven. haha. So after a while they decide its time to take me to my room. In my mind I was thinking, I need my bag so I can text everyone and let them know that I am ok... (And I was really concerned about it), but I kept my mouth shut.

I dont know if they switched beds while I was in there, but the guy who took me back to my room had more trouble driving or steering my bed and kept rubbing against corners.. ugh.... anways.

We get to my room, and as Im getting off my bed to switch to the one in the room, they asked if I needed to use the restroom. I then realized I didnt get a catheter (yay). I needed to go. So I slowly made it over, and then somehow made it back to my bed.

So I get into bed and then, I see my bag on a chair nearby. I asked for it. They got me all situated and I finally get to text everyone. It was close to noon at this time. Im not sure where the time went, since the surgery was only supposed to be an hour, and it started around 715am. So I figure I must have been in recovery for a while.
They had me on some good medication for a while, everytime I would try and stay awake, I would fall asleep.

Finally, After a couple of hours I was able to stay awake for a while. They said I needed to get up and walk , but my chest was still hurting. The nurse said it was the gas and that the only way to get rid of it, would be to walk around. Im not sure what time, but later in the day, I finally felt like getting up. I was able to walk about half way down the halls and back before it really started to hurt. I was very nauscious for a while. But once that subsided, they decided that I could have alittle food. Some broth, apple juice, jello, and tea. I wasnt hungry, but I felt like I wanted something. So I smelled the broth.. ew... It was not for me. I decided on the Jello. It was Orange. It was the most wonderful thing I have ever eaten... lol. I had about 2 or 3 tiny bites and was done.

I had to breath into this breathing machine thing to keep my lungs strong. That was really hard to do with the gas in my chest. Painful.

That night they got me all fixed up in bed. I didnt realize as I fell to sleep that there was an arch in my back and it wasnt supported. I was feeling really week so I didnt fix it myself, but by 5 or so in the morning, it was feeling really painful. The nurse was kind enough to put a pillow on my back.

When I woke up all the way. My back was in a horrible pain, and my legs were killing me. But I knew if I didnt get up and walk, they wouldnt let me go home. So I did. I forced myself around the hallways.

Then it was time to go home.

Yay, Gary and Jaron came to pick me up and we drove home. It was a bit longer from there being that there was alot of traffic.

Anyways, So now Im home. Im feeling much better, The initial gas is basically gone. Im living on clear liquids for a while. It took a couple of days but my appetite is back. Well at least my want for food. I cant eat much. Jello is good. but I cant finish a cup. And hat I do eat takes about an hour. Im getting pretty tired of soup broth. hehe.

I want to say thank you so much to those of you that were there for me.

Brittney, you took me to my first appointment.. THank YOU.... IF not for you I may never have officially made that first step.

Gary, Thank you for taking care of me.. Taking me there and bringing me home.. I hope you know I really truly do appreciate it. And taking care of Jaron for me.......

Merri, Thank you for being there for me. You are such a huge help...

And to ALL of my friends. Your support is what helped me get to where I needed to be.....

Soooo.....................THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Surgery Complete

Ok, Its done.

Im in alot of pain right now, but, Ive got some medicine that is supposed to help with it. I would like to give you more details about it.

I will get back on when I feel a litle better.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Only 1 more day

Its soooo close... I have one more night and then my trip begins.

Everything is in order, I have talked to the hospital and gone over all the final details.

Jaron and Gary are taking the trip down there with me. Im so glad. It will be nice to have them close to me. Im starting to get more excited. I just packed my hospital bag of the things I need to have with me. Gonna make sure my cell phone is nice and charged up, so if you want to message me and say hi you can. 661-378-2741.

I will arrive at the hospital on Monday at 515am, the surgery is to begin at 715am. (I am the first one of the day.. so thats good... he will probably be wired on coffee.. heheh). It is supposed to take up to about an hour. They are taking out my gall bladder also. Then from there I will be in recovery.

Hopefully everything will go as planned and I will get to come home on Tuesday.

Thank you again to everyone.. Love ya.... Karlita

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Only 6 more days......

I only have 6 more days left until the big day!!!

Starting to get everything finalized. So much to do. I have to get an advanced directive written out. And decided what Im going to take with me.

Still trying to get used to the protein drink. Its not the best meal I've ever had, but its gonna be a main one for a while, so Im gonna have to get used to it.

I have a food journal that I input all the food that Ive eaten through the day, and it calculates all my numbers for me. I have actually been staying right around 1000 calories. Yay me.

Gary is my ride down there for this lovely event. Thank you so much honey.... He and Jaron are going to spend the day at the beach while Im having surgery. That way Jaron is close by. He is really worried about mommy, so I figure that will be good for him to be near, it will make him feel better.

Anyways... Its almost time.... Here comes half of me.. :-)