Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 170

Well... 5 Months and 13 days later (Sorry, I got distracted)

Anyways... Here I am. I have officially lost 41.4 pounds. Not alot. And not where I should be at this point, but still I am loosing. It has been a really slow process. But, I recently bought a really good cook book. It's a post Lap Band surgery cook book. Most diet cookbooks, or low calorie cook books, focus on seafood, or salads. With the lap band, I can't eat lettuce, so finding recipies in them was virtually impossible. But with this new book, it has 140 recipies, and I found that I would actually eat 80 to 85% of them. (Still having a hard time with seafood).

OK. so I'm not going to list all the food I've eaten since my last post.lol

Today, I had 1/2 bowl of chilli, with some crackers.
And an Ice tea. I didn't log the calories, but I still have half the day to go.

Hope everyone has a good week.... Bye

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